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Smokers of the Marvel universe

Well! Sorry to be so heavy on the cape-and-tights stuff lately, but the drawings I did last week got me excited about doing that Smokers-of-the-Marvel-Universe print I've been kicking around. Also, I don't know how to do the "doink" thing where everyone has a link to a longer post, so here's the thing in its entirety. For those on Livejournal with me on your friends page, I do apologize for causing you to scroll so much to reach the next post.

Also, I've had the last class of my MFA program! Still have to finish my thesis, but for all intents I'm done.

Anyway, without further ado:

Much thanks to Ryan Dunlavey, Andrew Wales, Pat Lewis, and YodaJones and SpanoMano from the ISR forum for helping me compile a list of Marvel Smokers.


Hello chris schweizer!

I like your drawings a lot. As if these guys weren't cool enough already, now they have the added bonus of SMOKING on their side! I really love Gambit's bird like face too
Thanks, Rosemary! As he's a Cajun, which is only a step or two away from Travelers, I'm inclined to make Gambit look a bit on the shady and disreputable side.
NICE! All very great, of course, but I think maybe Kingpin and Electro are my favorites.

And, by the way, that "doink!" livejournal magic is called a "LiveJournal Cut." After you finish writing a post, you just highlight what you want under the cut and then press that little button that looks like 3 straight lines with a jagged one underneath in the "Rich Text" mode to put them under a cut!
hah! MARVELous!

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