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Donald Glover as Spider-Man!

I read today about actor Donald Glover and his comments about how he’d like to be considered for the part of Peter Parker (Spider-Man, for anyone unfamiliar with the character). Personally, I think this is great – anyone who’s seen Community (one of the funniest shows on the air right now) is familiar with Glover’s dancer-like grace, charming screen presence, and excellent comic timing - all things that would really work well with Spider-Man. I’m of the school that good comedians make the best dramatists, and I’ve little doubt that he’d bring a whole lot to the role.

There’ve been mentions back and forth about the merits and concerns of casting a black actor as a character heretofore depicted as white, and I’d not be offering anything new were I to delve into the matter. The only genuine concern that I can see is that kids fresh from the theater might pick up a comic and be disappointed, but really, won't that happen anyway? Hey-Oh!

Anyway, I did a drawing of Glover as Spider-Man, because he’d be my first pick. I may never see it on the screen, but at least I can see it on my drawing board.


I'm really looking forward to seeing Mystery Team http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GLONhcF5Jc
Forward this to Marvel Comics and we may see Black Spider Man yet!

Serious, beautiful illustration.


Donald Glover As Spidey

Generally I'm not crazy about the affectation of racebending recasts of comic book characters though it's worked well in the few cases of it. At first I didn't like the idea of Spider-Man getting this treatment. Then I imagined Donald Glover as Peter Parker and it was game over. He's perfect. Pitch perfect. Better than anyone out there. Truer to the original spirit of the character. One of the most tangible, real comic book characters ever has not been translated to the big screen with the sort of ease one would expect. Bit of a let down.

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